Who we are?

Leyu Tours & Wildlife Safaris, is a Tanzanian Travel agency founded on 2012. As a travel agency built by people from different hospitality expertise brought together with one goal; to make sure that your stay in Tanzania and East Africa is fun and memorable. We have enough experience, resource and motivation to assure you that you wont regret to choose us. To make this possible in a fun and enjoyable way, we have developed a methodology where we have the basic defined itineraries but you can always customize to meet your need. At Leyu Tours & Wildlife Adventures,we believe in having fun all the way!

We offer a wide range of adventure activities across East Africa, If you are interested or you need a different way of adventure, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can tailor the fun according to your needs!

Leyu Tours & Travel Adventures is a member of Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA)
Leyu Tours & Travel Adventures is a member of Pacific Asia Tourism Association (PATA)
Leyu Tours & Wildlife Adventures is a member of Asia Pacific Tourism Association
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